#2017CanadianRoadtrip: 36 hours in Montreal!

When we woke up on the morning of day 4 we left Ivy Lea for Montreal; it is about a 2 hour drive between the 1000 Islands and Montreal. Our arrival in Montreal was midafternoon and our first stop was to find wifi in order to find a place to eat. We were able to go into a train station where we connected to McDonald's wifi and did a quick Google search for what is in downtown Montreal. Although places were coming up we really did not have much of a sense for where things were yet so we decided we would go find a real parking spot and see what's around. However, as we were paying for parking it began raining and then began down pouring along with thundering (possibly one of the hardest downpours I've been in). So, we ran into a mall that was a couple blocks from where we parked and used the opportunity to connect to Starbucks wifi and found a pub to eat in (once the rain settled down).

We ventured back outside and found the 3 Brasseurs (microbrewery) only a few blocks away. I tried their pulled pork sandwich (on a baguette) while my mom had the goat cheese sandwich. Both were very delicious!

While eating we able to connect to their wifi and find a place to spend the night; this was our first of two hotel stays during the trip.

Hotel Brossard, Montreal, QC (Mobile Photo: Samsung Galaxy s5 + VSCO

Old Montreal

Statues of Montreal

Walking through the Old Port of Montreal

Old Port Montreal is super cool and very nice. We walked through the small cobblestone streets while looking at historical and beautiful buildings. We saw the Notre Dame Cathedral and peeked inside one other old cathedral (pictured above).

There are so many little cafes that looked so cute as we walked by, but we decided to stop in to La Fripe for a snack and drink. We shared their anchovy pizza (which was delicious) and I had a smoked ale called Raftman to drink.

The morning of day two began back in Old Port at Tommy Cafe.

Tommy Cafe, in Old Port of Montreal (Mobile Photo: Samsung Galaxy s5 + VSCO)

Tommy Cafe, in Old Port of Montreal (Mobile Photo: Samsung Galaxy s5 + VSCO)

After finishing our beautiful lattes and tasty crossiants we drove across the city to find the Atwater Market (Marche Atwater).

Marche Atwater

Marche Atwater

Atwood Market is a very nice market and sits in a super nice area. Just outside the market is a little canal and a beautiful bike trail running alongside it.

Once we finished exploring the Atwater Market area we started driving towards Little Italy to see that section of Montreal. However, as we drive boul. St. Laurent I spotted some big murals on the walls of buildings. So we pulled over and I ran around like a kid in a candy store taking photos of every piece of street art or mural I could find in a 2 block radius of the car.

Cafe Nocturne - boul. St Laurent, Montreal, QC

After I found a sufficient amount of murals, we stopped at Cafe Nocturne for a coffee and Chai before continuing on through Little Italy and finally heading further north to Quebec City.

Halfway through the drive from Montreal to our campground in Quebec City is a town (or city?) called Trois Rivieres (Three River). We stopped there for dinner. While circling the Three Rivers downtown looking for parking we spotted a little place called Le Buck. So once we finally found a place to park we went to eat at Le Buck and it was all super delicious. Also, our waiter literally translated the french menu for us since they had run out of their English menus.

When we got there the waiter informed us that there was only 1 or 2 of the brownie dessert left, so before we even knew what we were having for dinner we ordered the last brownie to go. And if you look at the photo below you will see why we did this :)

Peanut Brownie w/salted carmel sauce from Le Buck in Trois Rivieres - Mobile Photo (Samsung galaxy s5)

Now that we have dessert taken care of I'll show you what we ate for dinner at Le Buck. My mom and I shared a couple of dishes so we could try more things; including a fancy crabcake and a cous cous dish.

Once we finished our delicious meal at Le Buck we continued onto Camping Juneau, where we are staying for our days in Quebec City, Canada.