#2017CanadianRoadtrip: Day 7 After the Hike!

After driving around the "old" section of Quebec for what felt like hours we finally managed to find a parking spot! We walked through the streets of this historic part of the city for a bit and at some point realized that we were only just on the other side of Notre Dame from where we started day one in Quebec City. haha.

One of the several crowds watching a street performer. (above)

Some of the pretty views and intriguing sights we saw during our stroll through the historic Quebec City streets, at sundown.

The Falls-46.jpg

We found out that Quebec City has a little cable car just like the one we went on in Pittsburgh, Pa. We didn't go on this one though, but I highly recommend you go for a ride on either or both if you ever get the chance.

After walking for a while we began looking for a good place to stop for dinner/late night snack, and we were hoping to find somewhere that may have traditional music. We ended up in an Irish Pub on the main street (actually we were almost right next door to the very first cafe we went to our first morning) and shared a small four cheese pizza. This pub did have live music beginning at 9:30pm and while it wasn't necessarily the traditional music we were hoping for, the young French/Canadian singer-songwriter turned out to be quite good!

Quebec City at Night