#2017CanadianRoadtrip: Hiking the Montmorency Falls

Today, we went to see the Montmorency Falls (aka the other big Canadian Waterfall). We hiked up the top of the falls to cross the bridge going across it. On the way up though we paused to watch a few of thrill seekers zipline across the falls! Yes, that's right, you can zipline across the Montmorency Falls. You have to sign a bunch of papers in the visitors center before you can get the gear; when we walked into the visitors center it looked like people applying for a bank loan as we looked in one room. But we had enough fun just watching the zipliners.

After we walked the bridge stretching across the top of the falls, we found our way to the stairway going all the way down to the bottom of the falls. We walked down the stairs, got soaked by the mist as the waterfall slammed into the water the bottom. Then on the way back up the stairs we both counted the steps - approximently 437 total!

After a few hours we successfully made back to our starting point. Realizing we haven't actually eaten anything yet today (and just hiked for 2 hours in the hot summer sun) we found a Starbucks nearby so we could use their wifi and find a restaurant. We found a place called Bistro Evolution located in across a different bridge in Levis.

The food was amazing! We got an appetizer and two entrees to split between the two of us.

After filling our empty bellies with this delicious meal we drove through the town of Levis, but we couldn't actually find much a town so we headed back to Quebec centerville for the night.

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