Best of the 2018 Flower Show

Each year Philadelphians and everyone within day trip distance of Philadelphia go crazy over the Philadelphia Flower Show. After an awesome and stunning show came and went last year, this year's theme is "Wonders of Water".

Upon entering the main space inside the Philadelphia Convention Center you walked into a giant "rainforest". As you continue through the rainforest you see waterfalls of various sizes and colorful flowers.

Off to the side of the rainforest, there was a mock wedding reception set up with everything from the entrance to a decorative "wedding cake". This was definately one of my personal favorite exhibits.

Another awesome exhibit was the giant railroad platform that was set up. This had two trains running in opposite directions on side-by-side tracks, along with a single trolley car navigating its own route. In the middle of all the tracks were beautiful flowers (of course) and various houses, business, vehicles, and people set up to really make it feel like a pleasant village or city.

They had a snowy mountain exhibit which seems pretty simple but as everyone walked through the little "cave" and around the mountain side they saw the surroundings changed a bit. On the one side you see the mountain surrounded by a few colorful trees but walk around to the backside and you'll see a small waterfall running down the mountain!

There were small displays showing interior rooms and outdoor decks decorated in various styles using all kinds of different plants. Below are my three favorite home garden displays.

Each year seems to always include a cactus exhibit and it is always one of my favorites. This year's was laid out very nice and was interesting to look at.

There were some cute and very fancy plant animals in attendance at this year's flower show!

Plant Pup!

Decorated Elephant

In addition to the main exhibits there are loads of art pieces made by local students and artists. Many of these pieces have won awards but regardless of that some of these art pieces are very cool or beautiful to look at.

And finally there are of course plenty of colorful tulips and other gardens filled with all kinds of flowers!