Veggie Fun: Caulflower Tacos w/ Sweet Potatoes

Whether you're a full time vegetarian, part time vegetarian, or hardcore carnivore it's great to bring creativity to the kitchen because food should be fun. Cauliflower tacos is one of the main ways vegans and non-meat eaters enjoy tacos; I have enjoyed delicious buffalo cauliflower tacos at vegan eatery's in Philadelphia such as Bar Bombon. (I am only a part-time veggie who wants to eat all the vegan food but also enjoys a great sausage sandwich and wants to try every pulled pork sandwich in the world).

Today I present you with a dish I literally made up as I was making it and it turned out great! I went to Wegmans one afternoon with the intent to make veggie tacos, so I purchased several different kinds of veggies, hard taco shells, a yam, and arugula. Despite all the different types of veggies I considered putting in these tacos they ended up as the following: Chili-Cauliflower + Asparagus tacos with Arugula and goat cheese. I didn't want to over fill the shells.

Check out the full photo series below.

I first washed and chopped the cauliflower and then marinated it in chili powder, turmeric, salt and pepper. I let that sit and soak up the seasoning while I chopped the asparagus and sweet potato.

Next, warm up a frying pan and cook the cauliflower. Warm up a bigger frying pan and good the (quartered) sweet potatoes. Once the cauliflower is cooked through remove from pan and cook the asparagus. (You could also cook the asparagus in a 3rd pan while cauliflower cooks if you prefer).

If using hard taco shells, warm up shells in oven (according to directions on the box).

Build your taco(s): Lay arugula in shell first, fill shell with desired amount of cauliflower, place asparagus on next, top off with a dollop of goat cheese!

Serve sweet potatoes on the side and enjoy!