"Almond Joy" Oats

Do you ever wish for an acceptable way to eat candy for breakfast? Even if you don't typically think of adding chocolate to your breakfast (like me) this is a recipe you may like. It can be sweet like the traditional candy bar or unsweetened. Below are photos and recipe of my "Almond Joy" Oatmeal dish!

I used 88% dark chocolate for this batch and unsweetened coconut flakes so it is not super sweet. Use whichever kind of chocolate you like best.


1. Use my basic oatmeal recipe as your base

2. Add 2-3 squares of chocolate and 2 tbsp of unsweetened coconut flakes and a handful of whole almonds to pot.

3. Pour in 1 cup of unsweetened coconut milk and bring pot to a boil.

4. Once pot boil turn down heat to 2 or 3 and stir to make sure chocolate has melted and gets evenly distributed throughout the oats.

5. Keep simmering (and stirring) until the oatmeal reaches your preferred consistency. Serve into bowl.

6. Top with coconut and almonds. Also, a drizzle of honey on top (to taste) if you'd like it sweet.

Veggie Fun: Caulflower Tacos w/ Sweet Potatoes

Whether you're a full time vegetarian, part time vegetarian, or hardcore carnivore it's great to bring creativity to the kitchen because food should be fun. Cauliflower tacos is one of the main ways vegans and non-meat eaters enjoy tacos; I have enjoyed delicious buffalo cauliflower tacos at vegan eatery's in Philadelphia such as Bar Bombon. (I am only a part-time veggie who wants to eat all the vegan food but also enjoys a great sausage sandwich and wants to try every pulled pork sandwich in the world).

Today I present you with a dish I literally made up as I was making it and it turned out great! I went to Wegmans one afternoon with the intent to make veggie tacos, so I purchased several different kinds of veggies, hard taco shells, a yam, and arugula. Despite all the different types of veggies I considered putting in these tacos they ended up as the following: Chili-Cauliflower + Asparagus tacos with Arugula and goat cheese. I didn't want to over fill the shells.

Check out the full photo series below.

I first washed and chopped the cauliflower and then marinated it in chili powder, turmeric, salt and pepper. I let that sit and soak up the seasoning while I chopped the asparagus and sweet potato.

Next, warm up a frying pan and cook the cauliflower. Warm up a bigger frying pan and good the (quartered) sweet potatoes. Once the cauliflower is cooked through remove from pan and cook the asparagus. (You could also cook the asparagus in a 3rd pan while cauliflower cooks if you prefer).

If using hard taco shells, warm up shells in oven (according to directions on the box).

Build your taco(s): Lay arugula in shell first, fill shell with desired amount of cauliflower, place asparagus on next, top off with a dollop of goat cheese!

Serve sweet potatoes on the side and enjoy!


Strawberries + Cream on Oats

Wimbledon is happening right now, and when you think of Wimbledon you think of Strawberries, and if you're British you think Strawberries and Cream!

I'm not actually British but I did eat Strawberries and Cream three years ago at Wimbledon and, contrary to how it may sound, it is a great food combination. However, you may need a more filling meal at times. Well, don't worry because it will only take you an extra couple few minutes to turn your favorite Wimbledon snack into a filling meal; Strawberries + Cream on Oats!

Like the traditional strawberries and cream dish this oatmeal is super simple with a brilliant taste. Take a look at the photos below and see for yourself.

To make: use my basic oatmeal recipe but I cooked the oats in water this time rather than milk or coconut milk. Add a few sliced strawberries to pot after oats come to a boil and let simmer (stirring occasionally) for a couple minutes.

Once oats are cooked to the consistency you like spoon/pour into serving bowl, cut the tops off of your strawberries (I put 4 on top but use how ever many you'd like). Then pour a bit of heavy cream over the bowl and sprinkle with a little bit sugar.


Scone Oats

Scones are a tasty breakfast or tea time food. While they are one of the easier & quicker things to bake, they can also be a little tricky if you've never made them before. Today I present you with an oatmeal recipe that is basically eating a scone in oatmeal form! It's quick and easy to make in the mornings whether you're rushed to get to the office or having a leisurely morning meal.

This particular recipe is based off my favorite store bought scones, which can be found at Sainsbury's in London, England or made at home by you (as the recipe is published online in Sainbury's Magazine).


  • Quaker Oats (1/2 cup)
  • Raisins (or Golden Raisins)
  • Lowfat Milk (1 cup)
  • Cinnamon (only a dash)
  • Honey (to taste)
  • Jam (I like raspberry, but other flavors work as well)


  1. Place oats in pot, with raisins, cinnamon, and milk
  2. Bring pot to boil
  3. Once oats boil, remove lid, turn down heat to low-heat, and stir a bit. (The more you stir the creamier it will be! So if you don't want it super creamy then you don't need to stir too much).
  4. Add a drizzle of honey to pot. This will add the sweetness to your oatmeal so add more or less depending on how sweet you'd like it.
  5. After a couple minutes of the oats simmering (and once you see a consistency that appeals to your tastebuds) remove from heat and serve into bowl.
  6. Spoon the jam right on top of your oats (to taste) and pour just a little bit milk over the bowl (to taste).

...and now you have a filling and tasty breakfast for when you don't have time to whip up a batch of actual scones before work!

Summer Salad #1: Tomato Feta Salad

One of the parts of a summer meal is the fresh vegetable or fruit salad. The great thing about making salads is that you can be super creative and throw together so many different fruit and veggie combinations! Here I present you with the Tomato & Feta salad I made as a tasty little snack.


Plum tomatoes (quartered)

1/2 can of beans (I used pink beans, but I suggest using chickpeas or white beans instead)

Feta Cheese (a 1/2 block, crumbled)

Mix the ingredients together in a medium-sized bowl

Serve with... a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and sprinkle a couple fresh basil leaves on top