#yearinreview: Top 6 Concert Photos of 2018

Music is always one of the most fun things to photograph! From local artists in bars to musicians known and loved worldwide- there’s just something great about enjoying live music and flashing lights through the tiny viewfinder screen of my camera. Below are a few of my favorite concert photos that I took in 2018.

Hozier at The Fillmore philadelphia

Hozier | Philadelphia, PA | October 3, 2018 | Shot for WXPN

From a mainstream standpoint, this is probably the “biggest” show I’ve shot so far. It was my first time seeing Hozier live- it was a great show and I realized how tall he actually is!

Huffamoose at Ardmore Music Hall

Chris Farr w/Huffamoose | Nov. 24, 2018 | Shot for Winding Way Records

During the summer of 2018 I began doing some photo & video work for Winding Way Records, located in delco. Huffamoose is a local band who was pretty big in the 80’s and just released their first new album since then - on Winding Way records. It was really cool to get the chance to work behind the scenes during this album release and shoot their release shows!

First Aid Kit at Union Transfer

First Aid Kit | Philadelphia, PA | Feb. 10, 2018 | Shot for WXPN

To be honest… First Aid Kit was one of those bands I’ve known for a while and enjoyed their music when I heard it but never really paid much attention to them or seeked them out. With that said, I guess I thought they’d be a cool band to take photos of earlier this year and I was right. This was great show- they are good stage performers and hearing their music live made me enjoy it more than when I would listen to the recordings without experiencing it live.

Lily Allen at Union Transfer

Lily Allen | Philadelphia, PA | October 23, 2018 | Shot for WXPN

I genuinely enjoyed this show.

I was surprised when I saw Lily Allen was at Union Transfer because I figured she could definitely fill bigger venues like The Fillmore. However, I am glad I was able to see her in a smaller place like Union Transfer. My only critictism is that she did her song ‘LDN’ too early (while I was still shooting from the photo pit) so I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I would’ve liked… but I suppose most people wouldn’t have that issue.

Under the Oak at Ardmore Music Hall

Under the Oak | Aug. 31, 2018 | Shot for Winding Way Records

Under the Oak is another band signed to Winding Way Records. I had heard of this band previously but had never actually managed to see them live until this year. They opened for Splintered Sunlight in Ardmore and it was a great set.

This was also my first Splintered Sunlight show.

Glen Hansard at Union Transfer

Glen Hansard | Philadelphia, PA | March25, 2018 | Shot for WXPN

When I first looked at the stage and saw little red lamps set up all over I realized that the stage light use would low. Despite the ultra low light shooting conditions the stage lamps gave the sold out Union Transfer an intimate feeling making this a great show.

#yearinreview: Top 6 Food Photos of 2018

I’ve grown to love taking “food portraits” over the past 12 months! Back at the start of 2018 I began getting working with a local golf club that also got me doing food photography on a more professional level. As I look back on all the food photography I’ve done this year I can definitely see loads of improvements between January and December. So while thinking up some fun “year-end” posts I’ve picked out my favorite five food photos, to make your mouth water.

  1. A bartender shot

This is a more recent photograph, taken on Thanksgiving eve at Rivercrest Golf Club. Action shots like this is what make being a food photographer really fun! When I look at this photo I see it as something I would see in my instagram feed and think to myself “I wish I could take photos like that”! It’s not even like it’s a super complicated photos or anything- I just like everything about this shot.

I’d actually been watching the bar waiting for someone to order a drink so I could try to get a shot like this. This wasn’t at all staged and it turned out better than in my head (which believe me is hard to do)!

2. Nachos!

I took loads of photos of this plate, from all different angles but I just wasn’t liking how most of them were turning out… and then at some point it occurred to me I was trying to be too creative here. I realized that which nachos it’s usually everything that’s loaded on top of the chips that make people want nachos, right? Sometimes it’s better to be more simple and show each component making up the plate than it is to be super artsy trying to shoot your next masterpiece.

3. In the Kitchen

Getting action shots in the kitchen of chefs preparing foods is another thing I’m constantly envisioning myself doing a lot of. These are the shots where you can get more creative by showing more than just a stock food image.

4. Garnishing the Pasta

Every time I go to a food shoot I think about what sort of “accessories” I could possibly add to the photos to make them more “entertaining” to the viewer. Every time I look at this photo, and one the above, I just love everything about them both. But I also wonder how I could make the shots even more interesting.

5. Burrata

This is another instance where I took loads of various shots- trying to figure out which background I liked best, which angle looked best, what the focus of the dish should be. I chose this one in the end because after all… it was a beautiful day on a golf course and the driving range (in the background) was nearly full. Also there was a ledge just the right size for this dish to sit on!

6. Outdoor Kitchen

Burger Pong Night-082418-21.jpg

**All photos shot for Rivercrest Golf Club

Rowers from around the world take on #HOCR54 - DAY ONE recap

Each October the Charles river (and Boston) is taken over by thousands of rowers and spectators from around the world. This year for the first time ever I went up to witness the 54th Head of the Charles regatta in person!


The very first rower to take on the race course this year was from Quintin Boat Club - in Chiswick, London, UK. This same rower went on to win his event as well.


Quintin boat club was the club that I actually rowed out of a handful of times while studying abroad in London during the summer of 2014. So besides the excitement of seeing the first boat to kick off the whole regatta I had a more personal “obligation” to be up and out early to cheer on my British club!

As you might be able to guess, the Head of the Charles (HOCR) is a huge event. If you only one thing about the regatta it is quite possible the fact that an enormous amount of both rowers and spectators flock to Boston for the weekend, year after year. The nice thing about this race course is that there are several bridges lining the 5k race course - which provide spectators great views of the rowers.

Elliot Bridge

Young spectator at HOCR

The bridges aren’t the only places filled with crowds of spectators cheering on the boats though. As you walk along the bike trail that goes right alongside the course, you’ll see the river banks filled with rowers, coaches, locals, non-locals, and vendors.

Because of the length of this race and all the bridges there are loads of cool spots to get photos unique to the Charles river!

Birds-eye view from the BU bridge

Underneath the BU bridge

The UVA crew just after Elliot Bridge

Check out the full day one photo gallery below!

…and it is possible to take quick pit stops on your row up to the start (assuming you’ve left yourself the extra time!)

Sunday Scenes at the Head of the Schuylkill Regatta

Kelly Drive and the river were taken over by rowers and spectators this past weekend. Falling a week after Head of the Charles (in Boston) Philadelphia holds their own big autumn regatta each year - The Head of the Schuylkill.

The College/University teams (local and non-local) race Saturday, high school teams race Sunday, with lots of masters’ rowers mixed in for fun! Below are photos showing some of what the Sunday scene looks like.

Singles heading to the start line.

Many rowers like to take advantage of the race being on Halloween weekend by wearing costumes or funny hats…

Navesink River Rowing getting into the Halloween spirit.

Local rowers cheering on teammates on their way to the start.

Whitemarsh Boat Club rowers

Radnor Girls’ Crew Club before the race

It can get a little congested with boats…

PHOTO RECAP: Best of Summer '18

Summer of 2018 was a busy season. I spent the past 4 months going everywhere (within reasonable driving distance) and taking loads of photos. I did three photo shoots for Row2k, I filmed numerous weddings all over greater Philadelphia, I took loads of food photos out at Rivercrest Golf Club, and there were many other things. However, this post isn’t meant for boring you with how I let my life get a wee bit out of control. This post is to share my favorite photos that I took over the last four months!

Let’s start with the paid gigs.

From sports to music to food to portraits- I have definitely gotten comfortable with the new camera I added to my lineup earlier this year! I’ve even used it (along with my first body) to film a couple weddings this summer. Out of the hundreds (possibly thousands) of photos I’ve taken in the last four months there are a handful of photos I’d say are some of my favorites.

Concert Photography

Marah | 118 North | May 5, 2018

Marah | 118 North | May 5, 2018

This is the Kit | Johnny Brenda’s | May 26, 2018

This is the Kit | Johnny Brenda’s | May 26, 2018

Under the Oak | Ardmore Music Hall | August 31, 2018

Food Photography

While I’ve only really been taking portraits of food for about one year they are definitely some of my favorite photo shoots to do!

Nachos | Shot for Rivercrest Golf Club, Phoenixville, PA

Burratta | Shot for Rivercrest Golf Club, Phoenixville, PA

Burgers on the Grill | Shot for Rivercrest Golf Club

Pasta | Shot for Rivercrest Golf Club

Kitchen Prep | Shot for Rivercrest Golf Club

Sports Photography

I managed to fit in a couple sport gigs this summer too! A few shoots for Row2k including Independence Day Regatta and the Philadelphia Youth Regatta.

PYR 2018, shot for Row2k

PYR 2018, shot for Row2k

IDR, shot for Row2k

Horses watching the Rowers | Shot for: Row2k

Other sports:

Beer Pong, shot for Rivercrest

Now, on that note - of photographing grown ups playing the classic college drinking game “beer pong” - let’s move on because there were things I did just for fun this summer as well. While I may not have made it to the shore until Labor Day Weekend, I did manage to fit in a couple New York day trips.

New York City | May/2018

I got some new Streets of New York photos but also practiced taking portraits with my new Sony a7ii camera.

But don’t worry, I still spent plenty of time in Philadelphia with my camera though! Before I got super busy with jobs I went on a couple evening photo walks around center city.

Philadelphia | April, 2018

Philly Love!

Well, that’s about it. Time to enjoy Autumn.


Day Trip to the Beach: A Jersey Shore Roadtrip

Labor Day weekend is always a huge weekend for beach trips. For many people it is one last chance to relax and play down at the Jersey shore before school and work picks up again. If I go to the shore during the summer it’s probably only a day trip to Ocean City, NJ - where I’ll sit on beach a bit, take a walk on the boardwalk, and definitely enjoy some tasty summer beach foods. This year though my first opportunity for a beach day wasn’t until Labor Day weekend. So I went with my dad and sister for a day, but rather than going and sitting on the beach all day we opted to turn that beach day into a little Jersey Shore roadtrip!

The road trip began in Atlantic City and took us all the way down to Cape May. While we had a few things in mind to stop for the majority of this trip was unplanned. I took my camera along for the ride (of course) and tried to take at least one photo in each town we passed through.

First Up: Penny Collector Machines of the Jersey Shore

One souvenir I will always try to get everywhere I go is a “collectable penny”. While there really aren’t a huge amount of places that still have penny machines there are still loads of cool pennies you get during your travels. They’re similar to buying post cards but more unique sort of. Plus it is fun to turn the wheel and watch you penny get squished!

Before the trip we printed the list of all the penny machines left in New Jersey (found on penny-collector.com) and so as we made away down the jersey shore we stopped got a penny from all the machines we found, or were interested in at least.

The road trip begins… in Atlantic City, NJ

Atlantic City, NJ

Atlantic City, NJ

As we drove through Atlantic City, passing all the casinos, we saw a little lighthouse. At first we weren’t sure if it was actually open or if was an abandoned lighthouse, but then we realized it was the Absecon lighthouse and also realized that they supposedly had a penny machine! So after we parked and looked at the beach for a moment we climbed the stairs to the top the lighthouse.

If you’re into lighthouses, or even just cool views, I’d recommend checking out this one. It doesn’t necessarily look super tall from the outside but after climbing

Absecon Lighthouse

Quick stop in Margate

Our first stop after Atlantic City was to see Lucy the Elephant in Margate. We had this one planned since before we left home too. While we did not take the tour of Lucy we did get a squished penny and walked underneath her & around the grounds.

However, you may pay to take the guided tour of Lucy to enjoy a more detailed visit.

Lucy the Elephant

Ocean City, NJ

Roma pizza has been my boardwalk pizza of choice since a very young age. As a kid I remember taking a break from boogie boarding to get a slice and birch beer at Roma. Today we made a quick stop in Ocean City to eat a slice or two on the boardwalk while looking over out over the ocean. Tip: the buffalo chicken pizza is super delicious and their white veggie pizzas always a good go-to choice.

Roma Pizza, OCNJ Boardwalk

Buffalo Chicken Pizza at Roma Pizza, Ocean City, NJ

Ads are always flying by above you while sitting on the beach, but while we ate our pizza we happened to notice the ad flying by at that moment was for Hank Sauce - which happens to be one my favorite hot sauces!

Classic beach ads

Middle of the Journey

After enjoying our lunch in Ocean City the journey took us through Sea Isle, Avalon, and Stone Harbor. While we did not stop in any of these towns during this trip they are all nice places to to spend a beach day.

If you are looking for some food while in Sea Isle then head over to the Hank’s Sauce restaurant. They serve food and also sell bottles of their hot sauce to take home with you.

Our next stop on the road trip was in Wildwood, NJ. We first stopped at the boardwalk to find a penny machine listed as being at Ed’s Funcade.

Note: there are multiple of these arcades so be sure you have the correct location because only one has the penny machine!

Wildwood, NJ

Wildwood, NJ

We stopped for some ice cream at Sea Shell Ice Cream. I recommend the Black Raspberry flavor - tasty and refreshing - but be prepared for large servings!

Black Raspberry ice cream / Wildwood, NJ

Black Raspberry ice cream / Wildwood, NJ

Next Up: Cape May!

Cape May, September 2018

Cape May, September 2018

Before this road trip the only times in recent years I remember coming to Cape May have been to film weddings at Congress Hall. While Congress Hall is a very nice hotel and venue, and the beach does look nice I never have come to just explore and see what’s here. Today as we entered Cape May we knew there was a lighthouse so we continued driving south until we found it. We figured since we began in Atlantic City with a lighthouse we should continue the theme and end with one too!

At last we arrived at the Cape May lighthouse - which is located just inside a state park. The first thing we did upon arriving was get our last collectible pennies of the trip. Then we proceeded to climb the stairs to the top. The view from this lighthouse was really nice and different from the Absecon lighthouse. While both had nice views of their beaches down below, the Cape May lighthouse doesn’t have the city feeling that the the Absecon lighthouse could give you a bit of.

Cape May Lighthouse

Cape May Lighthouse shadow

As we left Cape May Lighthouse we were pulling up Google Maps to navigate home and opted to take local roads (rather than the main highways). If you have the extra time and don’t mind a little bit longer drive it can be super fun to take back roads! You’ll get to see little towns you bypass by taking the highway and you never know what you may happen upon during the trip.