#yearinreview: Top 6 Photos of 2018

I took loads of photos all throughout 2018. From portraits to music to food to sports I've added lots of variety to my portfolio and I've enjoyed every moment of these photo shoots. It is hard to narrow down all these moments I captured to pick out my favorites, but there are a few photos that just make me smile each time I look at them.

I was riding in a launch, filming the Jefferson University rowing team one morning when is suddenly stopped filming and took this picture. It was one of those instances where I only had a split second to capture this moment- a little earlier or a later and it would've been a very different photograph.

In the fall I finally made it up to Boston to check out the The Head of the Charles regatta in person. I took loads of photos on this weekend but every time I see this photo I just love everything about it. I love the way you can see the oar bending. I love how you can see the coxswain actively steering and talking to her crew. I love the crowd of spectators lining the banks.

2018 began with… The Philadelphia Eagles becoming superbowl champions!!

This photo (above) was taken at their championship parade I attended despite the freezing cold weather!

Each year I like taking day trips to New York City every so often, just to keep things interesting I suppose. I managed to go up a few times in 2018; sometimes by myself with my camera, sometimes with my family, sometimes to meet up with friends who live there. I’ve taken loads of photos while walking the streets of Manhattan and the one above is definitely one of my favorites.

Even before the Eagles became champions, 2018 also began with me beginning to work with Rivercrest Golf Club. I’ve taken photos of lots of different things for the club including lots of food photos. This one is an example of me always trying to bring creativity in to my food photos (and my photography in general).

Head of the Schuylkill Regatta 2018 - I was biking back to my car after spending the morning watching the races but had to pull over and pull my camera out from my bag when I spotted this scene.