Blossoming into Spring at the Philadelphia Flower Show, with a Bike Tour of Holland

Each year, Philadelphia brings in the new spring season with the annual flower show. This year, in March, the Philadelphia Convention Center was transformed into Holland (or at least a small sample of the country's best parts). Locals and tourists of all ages walked through a space filled with daffodils, bikes, and thousands of other colorful flowers. The first thing seen as excited attendees entered the show was a bridge covered in daffodils and bikes that could have been imported straight from the streets of Amsterdam!

This year's flower show definitely did a wonderful job of portraying the best of Holland through the different garden displays. As someone who has traveled to Amsterdam, I could spend my three hours at the show reminiscing about my trip abroad and I found myself visualizing myself walking through the streets of Amsterdam again. There was even one display in particular that while I can not tell you for sure what it was meant to be it reminded me of was the huge bicycle parking garages I remember seeing all over the city. This display was awesome, partially because of it reminding me of the bicycle parking garages in Amsterdam!

There were flowers and bikes hanging from the ceiling, there was a giant windmill in the center of the room, and most of the garden displays had various bicycle parts being used as part of the the garden, either functioning, as decoration, or both; this one of the things which I felt was the coolest part of the show.

The show was not only filled with bicycles and several giant windmills but the Anne Frank house was also represented at the show complete with the statue of her, which stand in front of the house.

The Camden Children's Garden exhibit was especially well done including a variety of things Holland is typically known for, while presenting everything in an organized and cute display.

That about covers it forthe highlights of this years Flower Show. This year was probably one of the best shows in recent years! For me personally, what made it so awesome was the accurate portrayal of the amount of bicycles in Holland, and how every part of the bike was used even if the designers did not want a full bike in their exhibit. They got really creative with the garden designs.

Check out the full photo gallery below!

New Cycling/Pedestian Trails

At the end of October (October 30th to be exact) a new trail opened that connects the 2-mile Cynwyd Heritage Trail to the Schuylkill River Trail. If you have not had a chance to check out the new Manayunk Bridge Trail, I suggest that you do. While a marathon runner will probably prefer staying along the Schuylkill trail for a straight route, the new bridge allows us all to travel (safely) across the river.

As I mentioned earlier, it connects the Cynwyd Heritage Trail with the Schuylkill River trail. This is not a direct connection but it is easy to get from one to the other. As the start of the Manayunk Bridge can be accessed at Dupont & High Street; where there is also a parking lot for trail goers to use. I think it is great how creating new bike/running trails as become such a common thing.

As a cyclist, I am always looking for new rides to go on and I look forward to exploring the new trails as they open. As a photographer, I enjoy capturing the scene of the new trails to share with other people.

Another Regatta Season is Upon Us...Navy Day 2015

With the summer being over, school back in session, and the leaves beginning to fall the rowers are taking to the river once again. Regatta season is back! Sure there are regattas over the summer but those are not quite the same as fall races which include all the area high schools and many east coast universities. This past weekend was the sort of the like the start of autumn with rowers - from high school through masters - competing in the Navy Day Regatta, on the Schuylkill river.

Take a look at my photo recap below!