England Exploration: A Flashback to my Favorite Moments Abroad

We’re less than 6 weeks out from my next British adventure, and I’m having a look back on some of my favorite things during past trips to the U.K! It’s hard to believe that it’s already been nearly five years since I spent the summer studying and exploring London. That summer I had the chance to attend some awesome sporting events: Henley Royal Regatta, Wimbledon, and Le Tour de France. I had the opportunity to row several times out of Quintin boat club (in Chiswick, London). I was also able to travel to other parts of England both during my summer course at University of Westminster and separate from my course. I visited Oxford, Wales, Bath, Stonehenge, Brighton, and Cambridge.

First moments in London

Our first full day in London back in 2014 consisted of us walking along the Thames (in Southbank). We walked through Borough market (which I did loads of times because it’s a great market). And of course we stopped at a pub for a pint. It was a lovely summer day and a wonderful start to my six weeks abroad. Keep reading below to see my photos of some of my favorite and memorable foods & drinks from London that summer!

The first cider I drank during my 2014 trip in London, at a pub in South London.

Bulmers Cider, London/2014

We stumbled upon this food truck festival in South London and my sister and I shared the Napoli pizza from Fundi. It was the first anchovy pizza I had ever had and it was delicious!

Fundi wood-fired pizza, South London/2014

My favorite cider I’ve drunk in London was at The Old Blue Last pub in East London. It’s the Briska Pear Cider. It was not super sweet but tasted like drinking a class pear juice.

Briska pear cider at The Old Blue Last pub, East London

Authentic Strawberries + Cream …because your first time at the Wimbledon Championship has to include this classic.

Strawberries + Cream @ Wimbledon

Borough Market- my favorite market to just walk through and look at all the food being prepared or snag a couple free samples maybe. There’s loads of variety in what is sold in the market including good lunchtime options if that’s what you’re looking for.

Churros in Brighton - I don’t tend to eat Churros too often at all but they sure did make a tasty and easy snack while we were spending our day seeing what the English seaside town of Brighton is like.


Stay tuned for more memories and photos coming week by week as I prepare for my next trip across the pond.