England Exploration: Ellen's Favorite Photos from 2014

The main purpose of my previous trip to England (in 2014) was for a Photography course at University of Westminster. The course was 3-weeks long and during the course I focused much of my photo taking on the street art of London for my final project. While many of these street art photos are some of my favorites of the trip, there are other photos from the weeks surrounding my course that are some of my all time favorites.

Street Art of East London

Shoreditch, London

Of all the the street art photos I took for my course these two shown above are definitely two of my favorites! They were both taken one day when I opted to walk from Southbank all the way up through Brick Lane and East London to take photos for my project. The fact that I managed to stumble upon several pieces with the artists actually being worked on by the artists during this walk was pure luck!

Henley Royal Regatta

Much of what I enjoyed while being at Henley was observing the regatta scene and spectators, in addition to watching the rowers themselves. Both photos above are two of my favorites from the day, I think because they seem like sights not often seen at American regattas - I mean how often have you seen two Americans having a tea party in a canoe watching rowers at Head of the Charles or Dadvails?

Cambridge, UK

This was taken in Cambridge when while we were there for Le Tour de France. I’m not sure what it is about it but whenever I see this photo I just really like it.


This was taken when we went to explore Greenwich. We took the Thames Clipper there which was cool and then took the trains back into the city. Greenwich should definitely be on your list of places to visit while visiting London. Exploring the observatory is cool but then there’s also the little town that is nice for walking around in. Then of course you could be like the people in this picture and do some sunbathing or picnicking on the hill.

Brighton, UK

Every time I look at this photo it makes me think it’s a postcard. I took it during our day trip to Brighton. As the first English seaside town I’ve visited it was very nice, and I was also surprised to find the beach full of stones rather sand.

London from the London Eye

This photo is possibly my favorite photo from the whole trip. I know the London eye is on the list of tourist attractions for many people who visit the city, but if you’re on the fence about it and like taking in different views of the cities you visit then I would definitely recommend riding the eye once.