Best Coffee Shops in 2018

While 2018 compared to previous years was a bit slow in terms of coffee shop adventures. However the ones I did visit were good ones! I finally got around to checking off a few places that have been on my list for way too long and have added some others to the list. Below are a few coffee shops I visited in 2018 that I enjoyed the most.

1. Uncle Bobby’s Coffee & Books (Germantown, Philadelphia, PA)

Latte | Germantown, PA

This place is great. Located in the Germantown section of Philadelphia it is a bookstore/coffee shop owned by Marc Lamont Hill. It is a cool little place to come and catch up with friends or read a good book while enjoying a coffee or hot chocolate. However if you check out their social media pages you’ll see that they also host various events such as weekly movie nights and other things to bring the community together.

2. Bower Cafe (Philadelphia, PA)

Iced Latte | Philadelphia, PA

Bower Cafe took over the old Quaker City Coffee co shop near 10th & Locust st. This little cafe has excellent coffee drinks, along with sandwiches featuring “cured meats” that are brought in from Brooklyn, NY. The cafe itself is super cozy and a quiet place to study or do work.

3. Flour Bakery (Cambridge, MA)

Latte + Parmesan+Chive scone

Latte + Parmesan+Chive scone

If you’re ever in the M.I.T. neighborhood of Boston I recommend stopping into this place for breakfast or lunch (or a quick coffee and snack time). Their drinks are good and their food is delicious.

4. The Elk (NYC)

Latte + Friends | NYC

We found this place has by just walking down the street one day and decided to stop in for a coffee break. It's a small room but with lots of tables and pretty quiet - great for getting some work done or have a nice conversation with friends.

5. Brown Street (Fairmount, Philadelphia, PA)

Cappachino + Tofu Bahn Mi

This place has been on my list for a while now. So while petsitting in the neighborhood I finally went to give it try... the bahn mi was very delicious and cappuccino was good as well.

6. Vine & Vault | East Falls, PA


I only just discovered this place a week or so ago but it’s a great little place. Located right up the street from the East Falls train station this is part flower/gift shop and part coffee shop. On the gift shop side they have some nice candles and little gift things (a good place to discover right before the holiday’s). On the coffee shop side, they have a excellent coffee and tea drinks, and their bakery items are delicious. They also have a nice little green house space with tables so you can sit and catch up with friends over a cup of coffee.