NEW! Food Photo Series - COMING SOON!

Food is my favorite. Whether it's making up recipes for a meal, trying out a new recipe I find online and figuring out to make it my own, or just scrolling through endless photos of delicious foods on Instagram and Foodgawker.

Photography is also my favorite; probably my first favorite because I can combine it with all my other favorite things. This is why I have decided to start a brand new Food Photo Series.

What does a Food Photo Series mean?

Well... Once a week throughout summer I will be making a dish for fun. Anything and everything is on the table, a fun dish for any snack time or meal of the day! As this gets underway I may increase from only once a week.

And depending on how things go during the summer, I may try to keep it going through every season.

When will I be starting?

This fun project in just a few short days on July 1st!

Where can I follow this exciting series?

There will be a separate blog set up just for this project, but don't worry about not being able to find it. It will be blasted all over Instagram and Facebook, and maybe even Twitter!

Stay tuned for more info and the very first post coming soon.