PHOTO RECAP: The Dad Vail Regatta before the Rain

The Dad Vail regatta is a huge rowing race and it's right here in the city of brotherly love! The regatta took place a couple weeks ago. Hundreds of teams were in Philadelphia from all over the country competing, many of them competing in the rain. I headed over the Schuylkill River Friday afternoon to see some good racing and take a pictures. I managed to catch a few of the Philadelphia University (PhilaU) races, but even if I hadn't I still always enjoy watching any rowing race! Unfortunately, Friday turned out to be the main day of this two-day event.

While rowers often find themselves out in all kinds of weather and it typically takes super bad weather in this area to cancel a regatta, this is exactly what happened on day two of the 2017 Dad Vail Regatta. The day before this year's regatta began the official race schedule got switched around a bit due to the weather forecast including high winds and lots of rain. This did not stop rowers from having a good time and competing as usual on day one of the regatta, and don't worry, they still managed to get all the grand finals for the varsity 8's and 4's finished Saturday morning. But it was the Saturday afternoon races, which because of the schedule change were mostly smaller boats (doubles and singles), that got end up being canceled. Hopefully this years rain out satisfies mother nature for a bit and the next couple years can go back to being beautiful weekends for the Dad Vail regatta.

Check out my photos of day one at the 2017 Dad Vail Regatta below!

Philadelphia University Rowing.


Baby Geese, just because!