Sneak Peek of the Dad Vail Regatta 2016

Today was the first day of the Dad Vail Regatta (day one of two) and I went down to the river to watch and snap some pictures for a bit this morning. Rowing is definately one of my favorite things to shoot; capturing the various of emotions throughout a race including pain during the race, then exhaustion, happiness, and saddness at the end.

When people say that your four years of college are the fastest years of your life they're not lieing. Five years ago I sat in the grand stands as a high school senior watching the Dad Vail Regatta; excited about being one of the competitors very soon. Now I'm on the sidelines again watching these races but remembering what it is like racing at Dad Vails. However, there is a plus side to not being one of the rowers anymore. I can now enjoy the sport while combining it with my other passion of photography. It's a much less painful way of enjoying the sport of rowing too!

Below is a sneak peek of my photos today's competitions. Stay tuned for many more photos coming soon.